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Cri-Help Incjriwal is the founder of the NGO called Cri-Help. The NGO started functioning as an NGO that works for the purpose of providing social assistance to the poor, unemployed and helpless. This NGO is affiliated with a number of NGOs and provides help to a number of people who are in need of aid.

CriHelp Inc

According to the media reports, Kejriwal was the founder of Cri-Help. It is an NGO that has worked closely with various governments across the world in order to provide social assistance to people. According to media reports, this NGO was first set up in India, but later on it was expanded in other countries. This NGO provides help to thousands of people every day and provides them with education, employment and other social welfare benefits.

According to media reports, Cri-Help was started by Kejriwal as a non profit organization. Later on, this NGO has expanded in other countries like United Kingdom and the United States of America, and is a renowned NGO. This NGO mainly focuses on the education and welfare of the people. People belonging to all walks of life are benefiting from the social assistance provided by the NGO. It is believed that this NGO has helped more than ten thousand people in the United Kingdom alone.

In India, this NGO mainly works on providing social assistance through different activities such as Child Welfare, HIV/AIDS and AIDS, Education and Child Support, Social Justice, Legal Aid, Disability, Legal Aid etc. These activities are undertaken to provide financial assistance to the needy people. The NGO also provides medical care to the poor people in order to overcome their medical problems.

There are various programs which are implemented through this NGO, and mainly aim at promoting social and welfare. A number of programs have been launched to cater to the social issues of the society. For instance, the NGO launched the ‘Census Day’ program in 2006, which aims at providing food assistance to the needy people in the cities of the country.

Also, according to media reports, the NGO also provided housing assistance to the homeless persons in order to help them improve their living standards. Apart from providing financial assistance to the people, the NGO also provides health care facilities to the people in order to improve their health condition. This way, the people are able to lead a peaceful life.

According to media reports, the Cri-Help is now functioning as a non profit organization and does not need any government funds for its functioning. The reason for this is that they are based and operate on volunteers. The volunteer members work together in the field and help to provide the necessary information to the people regarding the services which the NGO provides.

According to the media reports, Cri-Help Inc Kejriwal was incorporated in India in 1996 and has been operational ever since in many cities of India. They also run their office from different places in India.