Jane’s Addiction Songs – What You Might Not Know

Jane’s Addiction is a very popular group from the United States that is known for their unique style of music. They have always been one of the top rock bands, but for a short time they have also been a major player on the world music scene, with a number of hits including “Bodhisattva”, “Livin’ On A Prayer “Ride”.

janes addiction songs

Jane’s Addiction started out as a local band in California, but it became known worldwide when singer Jane Duff broke off to form their own band. They went on to become one of the biggest bands in the U.S. and their song repertoire is still quite varied.

Jane has four members, Perry Farrell is the lead singer, Stephen Perkins is the guitar player, Dave Navarro is the bass player and Chris Chaney is the drummer. Their band name came from the name of the singer’s grandmother and the name of the band’s song. This song “Jane Says” was written about the singer’s grandmother, but has been interpreted to mean anything from being a mother figure, to being a lover. “Jane Says” is a fantastic song.

One of their most popular songs, “Jane Says”, is a great song, but some people will think it’s about a relationship. This is not true. In fact it is a tribute to the late Jane Duff who passed away many years ago, but her influence still remains.

Some of their other songs are “Ride”Jane Says”. The latter two songs are probably the most well known, but the original song is still quite popular.

The song “Jane Says” was the first song the band wrote in their new band name, Jane’s Addiction. It is very similar to the original, but instead of using the first half as the verse, they used the second half. This is why they had to change the name to Jane’s Addiction.

“Jane Says” is another song written by Dave Navarro about his girlfriend, Jane Duff. His songwriting skills are very good, and he has a number of good songs about his life and his relationships, but this song is special because of the lyrics. It was written after he and Jane got back together after a long time apart.

“Jane Says” is a song that many people associate with Jane, but some may be surprised to know that it was actually written about something else. The song was written to pay tribute to a friend of Jane’s, the lead singer of the band The Rainmakers. Rainmakers were a very popular band from the 70s and their songwriter John Fogerty died in 2020. “Jane Says” was recorded before he passed away and was inspired by his death.

“Jane Says” also includes lyrics about Jane Duff. In fact, one can interpret the lyrics to mean anything. However, the lyrics are in Jane’s voice and most of the words are in English. “Jane Says” has many hits because of all the love songs it contains.

In “Jane Says”, it mentions a drug called smack. According to the song, when you want to get high, but don’t have the money to buy it, you can go to a party and buy crack. “Jane Says” also mentions a drug called coke which is also slang for marijuana.

One of the best songs from the Jane’s Addiction album is called “Hooked On A Feeling”. This is a song about a drug called methadone. Many people use this drug for chronic pain and addiction, but the song makes mention of people addicted to heroin. Heroin has some pretty serious side effects, like kidney failure, liver damage, and heart problems.

These are just a few examples of what many addicts find appealing about their music. Their songs are timeless and are enjoyed by many listeners.