My Strange Addiction: Caroğ – A Review

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My Strange Addiction: Caroğ – A Review

My Strange Addiction: Carreau is a thriller movie. It has some good elements, but does not really give you anything that is original or memorable enough to stick with you for the rest of your life. This is a movie that is only worth watching if you like suspense and mystery.

My Strange Addiction: Carreau tells the story of Christian who is obsessed with the carreau’s hidden treasure and how he plans on finding it. Christian is on a search for the “treasure” when he comes across a mysterious woman. She appears to be working at a casino as a housekeeper, but when Christian goes to talk to her she seems very different than she was in the carreau.

As they get to know each other and she tells him about strange things happening around the house, he soon finds out that she is a professional thief. He soon discovers that she has been working at the casino as a hitman.

Unfortunately, Christian’s quest to find the carreau takes a turn for the worse when he meets a woman named Milla Jovovich (Sanaa Marquez), who turns out to be an assassin who is after him and Christian’s carreau. This leads to more twists and turns and Milla’s own personality. The movie is definitely worth a watch because it has interesting characters and interesting twists.

Milla Jovovich really steals the show as she plays the role of the character of Carreau quite well and shows us why she has become so obsessed by the carreau. I especially liked how she had Milla playing the character of Milla Jovovich and Christian playing the part of Christian as they were both good.

The film has many interesting aspects to it makes sense that Milla Jovovich would have made the role of Carreau as her own. Milla Jovovich has always been known to play more mature roles and is perfect for playing Carreau. She has the look to play the part and has also been in some films that she plays and has been able to make some very convincing impressions. In addition to Milla Jovovich, the cast includes Michael Madsen (American History X, The Informant!, etc) who plays the role of Christian’s brother, Robert.

Overall, My Strange Addiction: Carreau is a good movie that is worth checking out. It is not a bad movie by any means and it is certainly not a masterpiece either. It is just a decent movie that does what most movies do and does it well. It is worth checking out for anyone that wants a little bit of a mystery with an action movie.

Overall, I did not really enjoy My Strange Addiction: Caroğ. It was just a mediocre movie that I would definitely recommend to someone that likes mystery and thriller.

Overall rating: 4.5/10