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Looking for Addiction Treatment and Drug Rehab in Liberty, California?


The Addiction Treatment Center in Liberty, CA is a treatment center that is dedicated to helping those who have an addiction to alcohol and drugs. They are committed to helping patients with both short and long term drug and alcohol addictions.

They have a variety of addiction treatment programs ranging from residential to outpatient. They can help people that have an addiction to drugs and alcohol as well as those that are addicted to gambling or other recreational activities. The center offers residential treatment programs for those that want the support of a support group. The addict can also attend inpatient treatment if they prefer.

In the residential treatment at the Addiction Treatment Center, the addict will usually stay with the staff for several weeks or months at a time while they receive treatment. They will be able to live at their own home in their own apartment. They may even be able to stay in a boarding facility or in the group homes at the center for a longer period of time depending on how long after the addict has been an addict.

The residential treatment is for those that want to get clean and start living their life again. They need to make sure that they have committed themselves to not only a complete change of lifestyle, but also one that works towards the complete cessation of their addiction. The addict should be willing to face the consequences of his or her actions. If the addict doesn’t want to make these changes, then they will just go back to their old ways and will need another treatment center to help them continue to do so.

During outpatient treatment, the patient is in a treatment facility for a few days and a few weeks. They go through therapy sessions where they learn new coping strategies for life and for their addiction. They are taught to identify triggers that can lead to an addiction, learn to recognize when they are becoming over-addicted, and learn what the triggers are that keep them from quitting.

Many people don’t think it possible that someone would stop their addiction for good during outpatient treatment. However, this is possible because addicts that are treated by the center’s treatment services have a better chance of succeeding because they are receiving care for their addiction at an accredited facility.

After outpatient programs are over, many patients will be taken back into a residential program. During these residential programs, they will be given the help that they need to get on with their lives after treatment and they can go back to work.

The center has a variety of treatment programs that include counseling and group sessions. These programs can include therapy groups where the addict can share their feelings and problems with others that have an addiction. The center also offers individual counseling with an addiction specialist.

The center also uses medication as part of the treatment. These medications are used to control the symptoms of an addiction, and the addicted person must take them as prescribed. Sometimes, the patient will be on the medication for a longer period of time.

In the outpatient treatments, the addict goes on their own, without the supervision of the counselor or the therapist. The center will give the addict the help that they need and they can decide on their own if they want to continue their treatment there or join a group of people in a different rehab facility.

In the residential treatment, the patient has a program that lasts the length of the residential treatment. and they are there permanently.

There are many addiction treatment centers that offer this type of program, and they can work with you and your family in helping to get you through the tough times that you are going through. The staff will support you and the addict will receive the care they need to move forward in life and achieve a healthier life.


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Myron Walters, Psychotherapist

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List of Addiction Hospitals near Liberty California

Petaluma Valley Hospital

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Novato Community Hospital

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Joyna Heinz

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140 Keller St, Petaluma, CA 94952
Human Awareness Institute

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Specialty Schools, Counseling & Mental Health, Adult Education
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Family Life Center

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Rohnert Park Community Acupuncture

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Kathy Allard, PhD

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Petaluma Learning & Guidance Center

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Addiction Treatment Liberty California


For Immediate Assistance

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